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Why do beauty industry experts choose
our aesthetic taping method - Beautytaping®
It's official
We are the authors of the method and also patent holders. Only we are unique owners of patent on the aesthetic taping - BeautyTaping® in the world (No. 132 665, 2016).
It's effective
You will get first-hand training and a powerful, proven tape instrument.

It's profitable
BeautyTaping® will allow you to qualitatively expand the package of your services or start a new business!
It's in demand
The "Master of Taping" is currently a rare, but also demanded profession.
It's promising
Every year, the BeautyTaping® method is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Geography is of more than 10 countries.
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Everyone can learn the BeautyTaping® method — choose a program depending on their goals and level of training.

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BeautyTaping® Method

In 2015, the BeautyTaping® method blew up the Market of Beauty Industry.
Finally, a safe way of taping the face has appeared. Thanks to it wrinkles are literally smoothed, remove puffiness and provide lifting. And the effect lasts 4-8 months.

What is the secret?

The fact is that for esthetic face taping we took "magnetic" titanium tapes of the Japanese company Phiten, which are soaked in the special solution
of titanium -"Aquatitan®". Such tapes are known in the world since 1983 as physiotherapeutic tapes for rehabilitation.

Thanks to this feature it is possible to react very effectively on the facial muscles and "control" the face.

Thereby, used the representative office of TM Phiten (Japan) in 2015-2016 in Ukraine, was developed the BeautyTaping® method and was given the patent ( No. 132 665, 2016). The authors are Ekaterina Shubina and Natalia Akhmad, with the support
Lyudmila Afanasyeva - the doctor of the highest category.

We are proud that have brought Ukraine to a new level of innovative thought.

In 2020, the BeautyTaping® method of esthetic taping was recognized at international institutions!
As part of the international registration of our method under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty),
International Searching Authority (ІSO) has confirmed the uniqueness of our application WO / WO/2020/26 219 for all criteria.

We are in Top on points:

- world novelty (N);
- inventive step (IS);
- industrial applicability (IA).
According to the ISO report, our method is unique, has been never used before, and is subject to protection not only in Ukraine, but also in any country in the world.
Dear masters - our students!

You are the bearers of a unique method of preserving youth.
Please note it's illegally to teach aesthetic method without appropriate license and documents and will violate our rights to the technology and discredit the BeautyTaping® method.

Guided by international and national rules of law, our lawyers will stop all attempts to illegally teach esthetic taping, up to the resolution of issues in court.
This applies to the name - BeautyTaping® taping method,
and also to cutting, applying and combining techniques.

It is important to understand: attempts to taping the face with ordinary kinesiotapes (without impregnation with Aquatitan®) do not give the results, thereby discrediting the method of esthetic taping itself.

Please note: the right to teach BeautyTaping® (Basic), the patented method of aesthetic taping, belongs exclusively to Yekaterina Shubina, Ukraine @ekateryna_spamaster. BeautyTaping® Start: Olga Rusanova, Kiev @o.rusanova, Natalya Elenchku, Odessa @natali.facemaster, Leyla Seidova, Dnipro @leyla_mazaky, Dzhamilya Smith, Zaporizhia @jamila_facebeauty

For more information about Aquatitan® technology, visit our website: phiten.ua
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Trainers BeautyTaping®
Ekaterina Shubina
International BeautyTaping® Trainer
Creator and copyright holder of the patented BeautyTaping® aesthetic taping method. Carries out certification of regional trainers.
Elenchuk Natalya
Regional trainer of the program
BeautyTaping® HOME. Odessa.
Rusanova Olga
Regional trainer of the program
BeautyTaping® HOME. Kiev.
Сеидова Лейла
Regional trainer of the program
BeautyTaping® HOME. Dnieper.
Джамиля Смит
Regional trainer of the program
BeautyTaping® HOME. Zaporozhye.
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