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For those who want to learn how to tap themselves and their loved ones in the correct way, efficient and with a great result.
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Ekaterina Shubina
Course co-author and teacher
Kinesiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, valeologist, massage therapist, co-author of aesthetic taping programs Beauty Taping®, mezotaping, certified taping trainer of Phiten, body therapist.
Course program
(The course is currently being translated into English, but you can pre-order it.)

The Online Taping Course consists of 4 modules lasting 1.5 hours. Each participant of the online course will receive a set of tapes for the practical part and you will receive a constant support during training.
Module 1
  • Introduction to BeautyTaping
  • Concepts and techniques of aesthetic taping of the face and body
  • The practice of taping the neck, décolleté, decongestant therapy
  • Taping principles
Module 2
  • Taping the lower back
  • Cervical
  • Taping the withers
  • Taping the neckline
  • Wireframe taping of the neck
  • Face contour correction
Module 3
  • Taping the abdomen
  • Volume reduction
  • Puffiness Reduction
  • Anti-cellulite applications
Module 4
  • Smoothing forehead wrinkles
  • Facial Expression Control
  • Tape lifting
  • Taping the orbital region
  • Express applications

After completing the course
teipiping ONLINE you will learn:

How to apply tape with aquatan for face lifting
The principles of the Japanese kinesiotape with aquatan
How to use tapes to remove wrinkles
How to use tapes to relieve neck pain
How to glue tape to eliminate the withers
How to make a beautiful neck with tapes
How to relieve swelling and sagging on the face
To remove the nasolabial fold with tapes - how to raise the cheekbones and remove bruises under the eye

Use tapes to smooth your forehead and raise eyebrows
Remove bags under the eyes by using tapes
Use triangular patches with aquatan for super face lifting
Renew youth with tapes by Phiten
Taping the belly for wellness
Taping the belly for weight loss

The registration process for the
BeautyTaping® online course

Pay for the course
After payment, all participants of the workshop will receive following materials and will be added to the WhatsApp chat.
Access the course panel
A link will be sent to your mail with access to the 4 modules of the course.
Complete homework
You will be given access to the first video lesson and homework that you are doing to access the next video lesson.
Get certified
After completing the course, you can pass the exam and get a certificate
The course is currently being translated into English, but you can pre-order it.



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