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Anyone who has mastered the basic BeautyTaping® course and is ready to apply taping in their practice. In-depth program, protocols of aesthetic taping of the face and body.

Upon completion of the course, a BeautyTaping® Phiten expert certificate is issued.

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Ekaterina Shubina
Course co-author and teacher
Kinesiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, valeologist, massage therapist, co-author of aesthetic taping programs Beauty Taping®, Mezotaping, certified Phiten taping trainer, body therapist.


PRO taping course consists of a 2-day intensive. We also provide ongoing support during training.
День 1
«Beauty body taping» aesthetic body taping


● Kinesiotherapy of Phiten. Ways to use teips with Aquatitan in aesthetic taping and how teips work.
● Types of teips and methods for applying applications.
● Introduction to Beauty Body Taping.
● Taping protocol for posture correction: diaphragm, abdomen, legs, back, pelvis, neck.
● Calculation of body mass index (BMI).
● Determination of the percentage of adipose tissue in the human body, calipometry, formulas.
● Taping protocol for body shaping-drainage techniques: abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms, neck.
● Taping protocol for body shaping - lifting equipment: abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, arms.
● The taping protocol for body shaping is overweight, local body fat and cellulite.
● Taping protocol for tightening and breast augmentation.
● The taping protocol for varicose veins and lymphostasis.
● Features of the use of Phiten point teips, magic points of health, longevity and youth. How to combine with the procedures of taping.
День 2
«Beauty Face Taping»


● Aesthetic taping of the face and neck, the basics of taping with Phiten aqua metals. Principles of maintaining health and youth.
● Principles of diagnosing age-related changes in the face or looking for a reason.
● Neck taping protocol: withers, osteochondrosis, muscle cramps, triggers, hyperlordosis, transverse folds of the neck.
● Taping protocol to restore blood circulation, lymph circulation, innervation of the head and face.
● Mesotapeing technique. Langer lines. Work with a collagen framework.
● Taping protocol when changing the cervical-chin angle: second chin, turkey neck, brules, swelling.
● Taping protocol for face contour deformation: facial asymmetry, restoration of facial biomechanics, lifting of the middle and lower third.
● Taping protocol: nasolacrimal, nasolabial, orin-chin groove.
● Protocol for taping the orbital region: swelling, bruising, hernial sacs, drooping upper eyelid, crow's feet.
● Protocol for taping with wrinkles on the forehead: horizontal, transverse, between the edges, ptosis of the eyebrows.
● The taping protocol after "injections of Youth", support of the result, prevention and removal of puffiness, hematomas.
● Taping after setting mesothreads and the introduction of lipolytics.
● Express taping. Japanese teip mask for rejuvenation and restoration of SMAS.
● Effective use of point teips with aquametals, shiatsu taping.
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